Add On Boxes

Add On Boxes

As a packaging supplier as well as a design and manufacturing company, Supreme Custom Boxes has been in the packaging industry for years. All aspects and perspectives of custom packaging are intimately familiar to us. Our designers love coming up with innovative add-on solutions, whether it’s presenting products or protecting sensitive equipment. Eco-friendly and attractive, add-ons are great for a range of products and protecting them.
Add-ons are something that adds to the existing allure of a box. We offer a number of add-on packaging boxes that can give your brand a huge profit. As a lot of companies want packaging solutions that are feasible and bring them a lot of ease. Today, when customers can get their products anywhere, it would help businesses to get packaging that is safe for transfers and cost-effective. As people only rely on brands that promote robust packaging solutions. Add-on boxes are something you need to know about if you’re looking for safe shipping options.
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Holographic Boxes
Foiling Boxes

Build your own box with add-ons and structural modifications

As soon as you’ve picked out the type and style of custom box you need for your product, it’s time to explore add-ons that can add value to the product. Investing in these structural enhancements is a very affordable option and should not be ignored.
A die-cut window
Generally, windows are used to showcase the product inside and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In addition to impressing and enticing potential buyers, they may also deter curious buyers from opening boxes in stores. In addition to plastic, recyclable cellulose can be used for windows as well.

Window packaging boxes let customers see what’s inside directly. So it’s not necessary to open the box. There’s a transparent sheet at the front that lets you see the product clearly. Moreover, these boxes come in a bunch of different styles and designs. In some boxes, there’s a window with a small diameter. In contrast, other window boxes have a wider see-through area. With Supreme Custom Boxes, you get custom-printed window boxes that fit your branding needs. Getting higher levels of customer satisfaction isn’t possible with anything else but these boxes.
Packing boxes with inserts
Is the presentation of your regular box lacking a wow factor? Custom packaging inserts can certainly enhance the performance of ordinary boxes. Whether you’re looking for foam or corrugated inserts, we have you covered. Give your products extra support with our custom boxes with inserts. You can get boxes with inserts at affordable rates from us with a lot of other benefits. Inserts also protect the product from damage while it sits in its packaging.

As the customer opens the box, inserts can also serve as fancy “stages” to present the product in an elegant way. Inserts like these, called platform inserts, can also store things.
Add-on packaging boxes with a hang tab
Packaging with hang tabs is perfect for fashionably displaying your products. There are lots of designs for wholesale hang tab boxes. Let our expert staff help you design your custom hang tab boxes in the shapes, sizes, and layouts you need. It’s pretty straightforward to add this type of structural add-on to your packaging boxes. Using hang tabs, you can display a product more precisely. It’s also possible to glue plastic hang tabs onto an existing box. Others are die-cut from a panel that extends from the back of the box, and they can be used for further advertising or eye-catching graphics.

Sleeve boxes
A custom Sleeve box is spacious and can be easily subdivided into different sections by adding a cardboard or foam insert. You can use sleeves to wrap around a custom add-on box or wrap them around the product itself without a box. A decorative sleeve adds aesthetic value to packaging, like a ribbon does to a gift box. Buy the most functional and protective sleeve boxes at affordable wholesale prices with free doorstep delivery from us.

The use of glow-in-the-dark ink
It’s hard not to love things that glow in the dark, right? Whether you’re a kid or an adult, we all love glow-in-the-dark items. Your packages will be easier to find with glow-in-the-dark ink no matter what time of day it is, plus your clients will be excited when they get the custom die-cut boxes. If you want the add-on to make a statement, you can request the box gets shipped at night so the add-on shows up at night.

Lamination on the add-on boxes wholesale
The glossy look of gloss lamination enhances the vibrant nature of colors. Boxes with this feature are often used as marketing pieces because they add a touch of elegance

Adding this factor to the item packaging not only improves its appearance but also protects it from damage. Additionally, laminating the box once it has been packed will give it a more premium appearance. This way, custom die-cut boxes can be made more secure and the design can be protected from wear and tear during shipping. Using our laminating machines, we laminate paper, cardboard & other sheet materials into multilayer laminates
Checklist for choosing your type of add-on
Based on your preferences, you can customize our boxes according to your niche. Before choosing the right kind of add-on, you need to check the following factors in the packaging:

- Measure the product’s dimensions.
- Think about how you will store or display the product.
- Consider the shape and weight of your product when choosing a mechanism.
Why we are the best choice
There is something about these little things that can make all the difference when it counts. These little efforts can lift a business to new heights when dealing with customers. Add-on boxes when made with these little insertions, get their value doubled,

Since the beginning of the company, the team has dedicated themselves to providing superior customer service as well as reliability that is unmatched. As a result of our continuing commitment to these same principles, we become a critical manufacturer of custom packaging and displays in this region.